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        1. Your Current Position:  Technology
          • Bubble

            *Confirm vacuum pump working well,no leaking or blocked. Keep gas-channel and gas-guide hole unrestricted. Wooden stick, iron chain and wire mesh can be used for help gas guiding.

            *Lower range temperature should not heating up more than 65 degree  glass surface temperature), because melting point of film is 70 degree. Or else, gas will be sealed in the laminated glass, leading to bubbles.

            *Air return: cool down under 6o degree, then turn off vacuum pump.or else, air will return and result in bubbles around the edge.

            *There will be bubbles because of not bounding strong caused by foreign matter on the glass surface.

            *Tempered mark, thicker eva film should be used, because the surface is not flat.

            *Unsuitable high temperature for lower temperature film, please decrease the lamination temperature by pro-long the temperature holding time.


          • Rime fog

            Lamination temperature or temperature holding time is not enough, please re-operate again according to our operation procedure for only rime fog or cloud-fog.

          • De-lamination

            The main reason is lamination temperature or temperature holding time is not enough.

            *Check the temperature on glass surface and increase he temperature or prolong the temperature holding time.

            Moisture proof powder left on the glass surface, please clean he glass again.

            Fiber of paper or fabric laminated into the glass exposure outside is easily absorbed moisture when edging or stock, which results in de-lamination. We suggest the laminated material should be smaller than the film avoiding exposure.

            Film and laminated material could not melt and adhere together. Different material should use different film to process.

            The sealing gum may also caused some untoward effects when using with EVA film

            Please do test between sealing gum and EVA Film before using

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