Cut Your Water Bill with High Pressure Shower Heads


In this golden age of conserving energy, what better place to conserve than in the constantly used bathroom. Get yourself into the habit of turning the water off, taking shorter showers and paying attention to water to save on your water bill and conserve water. There are some simple tips for saving water that you can turn into new habits. New habits that save you money are the best kind.
If you have not already done so, now is the time to install energy saving fixtures. You can cut your water bill by up to 35% just by installing EPA certified products for toilets, high pressure shower heads and faucets. These fixtures reduce the amount of water that flows through them. Don’t worry, you still have enough pressure to rinse properly. Some of the fixtures are even adjustable so that you can decide if you want a stronger flow of water.

If your water bill went up, you hear a constant noise or you have found water where it should not be, you need to check for a water leak. Pipes can leak in the wall, a toilet can leak small amounts around the base or it can constantly drip into the bowl. If plumbing leaks are not your specialty, you may want to hire a professional. The small investment now can save you thousands in water damage later on. Even if water is leaking in only one small spot, that water can cause mold and damage a large area which could affect multiple rooms in your house including floors and ceilings.

If possible cut your high pressure shower heads to five or ten minutes or shorter. You will notice a huge difference on your water bill. Teach your children to take shorter showers as well. If you need to, you can set a timer for yourself. If you get straight to business this should be plenty of time. Once you get into the habit of shorter showers, ten minutes will seem like a day at the spa.

The old sage advice of turning your water off while brushing your teeth can really make a dent in your water bill. You are not using the water, so why have it running. This is also a good lesson to teach children. There is never a time when wasting water is appropriate.

If you keep conscious of water all the time, you will conserve energy and save money.